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Founder: Kevin Hardin

“Making STEM was founded in 2017 to provide an opportunity to share my passion for engineering, technology, and making”


To empower the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and engineers, through hands-on learning


A Longer History


Mechanical Design Engineer

"Designing components for a robotic ankle made me realize I could design products that made an impact in someones life"

After obtaining a degree in mechanical engineering, Kevin designed advanced control components used in aviation and medical devices.

Kevin used Computer Aided Design (CAD) to construct complex 3D geometric simulations which were were used to optimize the design of a battery powered robotic ankle.

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High School Engineering Teacher

"My goal was to inspire students to identify problems in their community and build solutions"

Wanting to give back to the community, Kevin earned a Masters in Education, and taught design and engineering at MC2 STEM, a technology focused high-needs school in Ohio.

Students partnered with local homeless shelters and farmers markets to build unique solutions to their problems.



"As a 3D design engineer, every day presents a new challenge to solve in a creative way"

When Kevin isn't teaching students, he runs a rapid prototyping business in San Deigo.

By combining design thinking with 3D printing, he builds custom prototypes for clients. Kevin designs new products to bring to market, or builds custom solutions for complex problems.

Do you have an idea you want to bring to life? Contact Kevin to find out more.